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When it comes to training, we all have different needs.  Perhaps you want to learn more about Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) and deliberate practice (DP).   A supervisor might want to learn how to use FIT and DP to improve practitioner effectiveness.  Agency leaders will want to know how to implement these evidence-based practices in their organization.  Regardless of your interests or role, the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) offers a pathway to reach your specific objective. 


If you interested in FIT and DP to improve your outcomes, the best ICCE trainings to attend are:

The FIT Intensive
The Deliberate Practice Intensive
The FIT Cafe


If you are interested in learning how to support clinicians and agencies in their use of FIT, the best trainings are:

The FIT Supervision Intensive
The FIT Intensive
The FIT Cafe


If you want to implement FIT in your agency or organization, the best trainings are:

The FIT Implementation Intensive
The FIT Cafe

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The cutting-edge trainings offered by The ICCE are based on the latest empirical evidence and will help you, your staff or agency, improve both outcome and efficiency. 

What Participants are saying about ICCE Trainings …

“Attending the ICCE intensives has been vital to my professional development and community leadership.  As a women of African decent, counselor educator, and psychotherapy, FIT and DP are culturally-responsive, anti-racist, democratic strategies that provide an empowering way for skeptical and mandated clients to actively participate in therapeutic care.”

Nola Butler-Byrd, Ph.D.

Professor, San Diego State University (USA)

“Becoming a Certified FIT Trainer provided me with in-depth knowledge and skills as well as connection with a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to helping mental health agencies and systems deliver the best services to clients.”

David S. Prescott


“The ICCE trainings have made a significant impact on my professional growth, as well as the practitioners in the agency I lead.  I deeply value the experiences I’ve had and look forward to future opportunities to learn from the outstanding staff and international participants.”

Patrik Ulander, M.A., M.Sc.

Quality Assurance Manager, Misa Kompetence (Sweden)

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