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What is an ICCE Certified FIT Trainer (CFT)

ICCE CFT’s are an elite group of professionals who work in diverse settings around the world.  Earning the CFT designation is a rigorous process involving the completion of extensive coursework, passing a standardized competency  exam, subjecting training skills to peer review, and ongoing participation in continuing education activities.  Most successful applicants take 2 years to complete the requirements.

Why become an ICCE CFT?

Demand for training in Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) and Deliberate Practice (DP) is growing around the world.  The ICCE certification process prepares you to train others in the implementation of FIT.  You will receive a thorough grounding in FIT skills, learn how to use data to inform and improve service delivery, and develop your own, unique training style.

How to get started?

It’s easy.  Review the requirements below.  Sign up for a training or ask us a question.  

1. The Coursework:

Certification as a FIT trainer requires the completion of 4 intensive trainings, including:

  • FIT Intensive training – A three day course in the principles and practice of Feedback Informed Treatment.
  • FIT Supervision training – A three day intensive course on using FIT in supervision to improve clinician and agency outcomes.
  • FIT Implementation training – A two day course outlining the evidence based steps for the successful implementation of FIT.
  • The Training of Trainers – A three day experiential course on mastering your individual presentation style and skills.

2. Core Competency Exam

Certified trainers are required to pass the 100 item, multiple choice core competency exam. It is scheduled multiple times each year and is available in an online format, to be taken from the comfort of your home. For more information about the exam use the contact form below.

3. Submit a training video

Certified trainers are required to submit a brief video demonstrating their skills and abilities as a trainer which is reviewed by a panel of Certified FIT Trainers. Typically, the video is one of the last steps completed in the certification process.

4. Ongoing Continuing Education

Certification as a FIT trainer is renewed every two years. In order to maintain certification, trainers must earn continuing education in FIT,  or publish scholarly works and provide FIT training.

How to get started?

It’s easy! Having reviewed the requirements, get in touch to ask us any questions that come to mind.

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