How to become a Certified FIT Practitioner (CFP)?

Simply put, earning a graduate degree, obtaining licensure, and using approved treatment modalities is no longer sufficient.  Increasingly, behavioral health professionals must also prove their effectiveness to clients, employers, payers, regulatory and accreditation bodies. The ICCE CFP process provides you with the most comprehensive, evidence-based skillset for measuring and improving your therapeutic results.  

1. The Coursework

Certification as a FIT practitioner requires the completion of one introductory course and 2 intensive trainings, including:

Introduction to FIT  – A webinar series, e-learning course, or workshop taught by an ICCE Certified Trainer.

FIT Intensive training – A three day course in the principles and practice of Feedback Informed Treatment.

FIT Supervision training – A three day intensive course on using FIT in supervision to improve clinician and agency outcomes.

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2. Certified FIT Practitioner Exam

Certified practitioners are required to pass a 100-item, multiple choice FIT practitioner exam.  It is scheduled multiple times each year and is available in an online format, to be taken from the comfort of your home.

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3. Ongoing Continuing Education

 Certification as a FIT practitioner is renewed every two years.  In order to maintain certification, trainers must earn continuing education in FIT by completing an ICCE approved workshop or training event or participating in consultation with an ICCE Certified Trainer.

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