How to Become a Certified FIT Trainer

FIT Certification Paths

The ICCE also offers two different levels of certification: (1) the Certified FIT Practitioner (CFP); and (2) Certified FIT Trainer (CFT).  Professionals pursue certification for a number of reasons, including formal recognition for having achieved the highest, most thorough level of education and training available in FIT.

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Certified FIT Practitioner (CFP)

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Certified FIT Trainer (CFT)

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What Participants are saying about ICCE Certification…

“Becoming a Certified Trainer keeps me informed of developments in FIT practice.  The learning opportunities for Certified Trainers provide a rich educational experience that I can bring back in my organization to continuously improve how we integrate FIT in our services

Chantal Tassé

Supervisor at Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell

“Becoming a Certified FIT Trainer provided me with in-depth knowledge and skills as well as connection with a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to helping mental health agencies and systems deliver the best services to clients.”

Stacy Bancroft, LCSW

Behavioral Health Outcomes Specialist, Care Oregon (USA)

“The ICCE trainings have made a significant impact on my professional growth, as well as the practitioners in the agency I lead.  I deeply value the experiences I’ve had and look forward to future opportunities to learn from the outstanding staff and international participants.”

Patrik Ulander, M.A., M.Sc.

Quality Assurance Manager, Misa Kompetence (Sweden)