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The ICCE is a world-wide non-for-profit community of practitioners, healthcare managers, educators, and researchers dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioral healthcare services through Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) and Deliberate Practice (DP).

Learn about FIT and Deliberate Practice

Learn about two key evidence based practices that have lead to superior results for practitioners and healthcare systems around the world.

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 With over 10,000 members we have developed a great base of support and the ICCE leadership is gratified to see the current level of activity and engagement, but this is just the beginning. 
Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. founder of The ICCE

Our Mission at the ICCE

“The purpose of the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) is to offer a community of practice that promotes excellence in behavioral health services via feedback-informed treatment and deliberate practice.”

Scott D. Miller, Ph.D.

"Fun? It was a blast! The days flew by. But what really keeps me coming back is access to the latest, cutting-edge information for improving my results."

David S. Prescott, LICSW

"I'm always struck by the diversity of participants at ICCE trainings. People literally come from everywhere around the world."

Jim Reynolds, Ph.D.

"The ICCE offers me the opportunity to continuously hone my skills in FIT and deliberate practice and connect with a global community of clinicians committed to improving their effectiveness."

Brooke Mathewes, M.Ed., LCPC

Learn about Feedback Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FIT?

 Feedback-Informed Treatment is an evidence-based, pantheoretical approach for evaluating and improving the quality and effectiveness of behavioral health services.  It involves routinely and formally soliciting feedback from consumers
regarding the therapeutic alliance and outcome of care and using the resulting information to inform and tailor service delivery. 

What is Deliberate Practice (DP)?

DP is a highly specialized form of training designed by a coach or teacher aimed at improving specific aspects an individual’s performance through repetition and successive refinement.  It is the only form of professional development shown to improve therapeutic effectiveness.

Why are FIT and DP relevant to me?

Research shows therapists want to improve.  The same body of evidence reveals traditional training (degrees, participation in continuing education, and engagement in ongoing supervision) have little impact on effectiveness.  

How can the International Center for Clinical Excellence help me?

Implementing FIT and DP in your clinical practice or agency are challenging.  The ICCE offers an international community of support, training, certification, and access to clinicians, agency managers, educators, and researchers working in diverse settings around the world.